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Autodidact when it comes to art, my favourite subject matter is abstract painting. Abstract is, for me, magic.   I enjoy not knowing in advance what it will look like or what I am aiming at. Ultimately, it will turn into something meaningful.

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Cateline DUPONT

L’œuvre de Cateline Dupont est constituée de toiles semi-abstraites aux couleurs fluides travaillées dans la transparence. La peintre vient à la toile sans idée préconçue concernant le futur sujet du tableau. Ce qui lui importe par-dessus tout, c’est la circulation de la lumière par le travail de la couleur et du trait. La recherche de […]

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Born in Saint-Aignan, France, I spent my youth in Brussels. My atypical life path has led me to study, work and live in the United States, in France and in Germany. My passion for the work of glass developed twenty years ago in Audrey Otterbein’s glass studio in Germany. My training continued at the Centre […]

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Rasma KASS

Rasma’s passion for the pointillism style started during an exercise in her art class about 2 years ago. She is drawn to painting city and landscapes and likes to experiment with different colour palettes. Her biggest fan is her son who has her first ever painting hanging in his bedroom and inspires and encourages her […]

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Aujourd’hui, j’ai fait le choix, à côté de mon activité professionnelle, de me donner du temps pour tenir des pinceaux en main. Réelle amatrice, mon style est très réaliste et dominé par l’idée de décoration, défendant le principe que l’art a vocation de décorer les maisons, non les musées.    

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Kerry ALP

I started painting not long after moving to Brussels 14 years ago with the help and encouragement of Lourda Sheppard. I enjoy exploring new techniques and artistic styles and am currently working on a series of still life in oil.       

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